Are You Psychic? Top Signs You Have Psychic Abilities.

Are You Psychic? Top Signs You Have Psychic Abilities.

If you had psychic abilities, wouldn't you already be aware of them? Not necessarily. I've been doing psychic readings for a long time, and what I've noticed is that people are often having psychic experiences -- they just don't realize it. You are also having psychic experiences, you just may not know how to recognize them. Here are a few ways that you can recognize your own psychic gifts.

Why am I on a Hiatus?

Life is sometimes unpredictable (yes, pun intended). Lately, I have found myself feeling depleted, distracted, and sometimes depressed. Psychic mediumship requires a level of concentration I cannot easily reach right now. 

Am I still a medium? Yes, the ability does not go away. I am just too clouded by my own emotions to interpret messages from Spirit in an unbiased way. 

I have to take care of myself and use this time to enhance my connection to Spirit. That way, when I am accepting appointments again, I will be able to give accurate readings.

When am I coming back?  I am planning to be back at it in July (possibly sooner). 

When I tune in, I know I need to take this time. 

In love and faith,


What is Magic? It's Real.

What is Magic? It's Real.

Is magic real? Maybe you think magic does not exist. Perhaps you think it is only something that occurs in Disney movies or a child's imagination. I have to admit, I've always believed in magic. The ever-present reality of magic is a part of my life, and it is beautiful. By magic, I don't mean wiggling my nose like Samantha from Bewitched and moving objects across a room. What I mean by "magic" is a state of being.