Which Psychic Ability is Your Strongest? How Psychic Senses Work

Have you ever wondered if you have psychic gifts?

Did you know there is more than one psychic sense?

Find out which of your psychic senses is the strongest:

Psychic ability refers to being able to gather information beyond what the normal five senses provide. This psychic information is gathered by the psychic senses.

Just like we have the five physical senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing, and sight, we also have psychic senses. You have probably heard the term “clairvoyant” before. Clairvoyance is one of the psychic senses.

Even if you do not think you are psychic, you are still receiving information from these psychic senses. We all have them.

What are the psychic senses?

psychic sight = clairvoyance

psychic hearing = clairaudience

psychic taste = clairgustance

psychic smell = clairalience

psychic touch = clairsentience

psychic knowing = claircognizance

What do they feel like?

Most of these senses are experienced in your mind. Rarely, they are experienced in the physical world. For example, you are more likely to clairvoyantly see a vision in your mind’s eye than to see it with your actual eye balls.

Which is your strongest sense?

Look at the list of bullet points below. Which sense do you identify with the most?

You may identify with more than one sense. Psychics use all of their psychic senses to gather information for clients.

psychic sight: clairvoyance

  • images popping into your mind’s eye

  • life-like dreams

  • vivid imagination

  • seeing apparitions with your actual, physical eyes

  • artistic sensibility

psychic hearinG: clairaudience

  • words or phrases popping into your mind (in your own voice)

  • songs or music popping into your mind

  • muffled words or phrases popping into your mind

  • hearing inexplicable voices, songs, or phrases with your actual, physical ears

  • musical sensibility

psychic taste: clairgustance

  • tasting food or blood that is not physically there

  • sophisticated palate

psychic smell: clairalience

  • detecting smells that are not physically present

  • sensitivity to scents

psychic feeling = clairsenteince

  • experiencing another person’s physical or emotional pain

  • developed sense of empathy

  • physical sensitivity

  • emotion sensitivity

psychic knowing = claircognizance

  • knowing information you never learned

  • a wave of information that comes over you that you “just know”

  • an affinity for philosophy, language, reading, and abstractions

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Lots of love,

Danyelle Simone