How Do You Know if Your Dream of a Deceased Loved One is a Visitation? Everything you need to know about visits from the other-side.

You may have just woken up from a dream featuring a deceased loved one, and you probably have a lot of questions.

Could my dream have been a visitation?

Is my loved one visiting me from the other side?

How do I know if it is real?

No matter how far you feel from your deceased loved ones, they are watching over you. Whenever the soul of a departed loved one visits you in a dream, it is called a visitation.

Here are signs that you have experienced a visitation:

It felt real.

Visitation dreams are often vivid and feel real or even hyperreal. The colors are vibrant and your senses in the dream feel heightened. Some people wake up from these dreams feeling disoriented for a moment and wonder if the dream actually happened.

You felt strong emotions in the dream.

Visitations bring up powerful emotions. During the dream, you may have felt a sense of connectedness to your loved ones. The emotions can range from cathartic sadness to intense joy.

You received new information.

At times, new information is revealed to you during a visitation dream. The information given to you by your visiting loved one can often be confirmed later. Types of information can vary from facts, dates, times, or an important message.

They said good-bye.

Loved ones can visit in a dream to provide closure. Visitation dreams of this kind leave the dreamer feeling a sense of completeness upon waking. They have a sense that their departed loved one is okay. Sometimes, people will even have visitation dreams where their loved ones say “good-bye” before receiving news the news of their death.

Other common questions you may have are answered below.

Was it real?

You are the judge. Did it feel real? Do you have a sense it was a visitation? Trust yourself and your own intuition. If you are wondering instead, “is it possible for a visitation to happen,” the truth is that there is no way to know for 100% certain beyond all doubt whether or not a visitation dream is “possible” until after we ourselves die. While we are living, we are only left with the clues we have and our feelings about it. It can be easier to have faith if your loved one has visited in a dream and provided you with information you could not have known otherwise, but ultimately, if you are searching for certainty, consider how you felt after waking from the dream. Did the dream provide you with closure or a sense of completeness? Did you feel connected to your loved one? If the answer is yes, then trust your feelings and know that your dream has helped you move forward in your life.

Why haven’t I had a visitation?

The answers to this question vary. Do not worry if you haven’t had a visitation, and release the expectation that you should have a visitation. You may be receiving other kinds of signs from the other side.

Can a person’s soul visit you before they die?

I have personally had visitation dreams and visions before a person has actually passed away. I saw my grandfather in this way before he passed away, and it gave me the sense that his soul was preparing to depart.

Can a deceased loved one look different in the dream?

The answer is yes. Sometimes deceased loved ones appear radiant; illnesses, injuries, and imperfections are gone. Other times, they may appear as you last saw them (with injuries, gray hair, and wrinkles). This does not mean that they are still suffering on the other-side, it is just how you last saw them.

I hope this information has provided you with a sense of peace.

Lots of love,


If you are struggling with grief, you should seek out an appropriate licensed mental health professional to assist you.