How To Recognize Signs From Your Loved Ones In Heaven

How do you know if you are receiving signs from heaven? 

No matter how far you feel from your deceased loved ones, they are watching over you. Through mediumship, I’ve learned that the space between life and death is much thinner than we think it is. I believe that our loved ones on the “other side" send us signs, and if we listen closely, we can communicate with them. Mediumship, aka spirit communication, isn’t new or scary. It's also nothing like the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze. It’s much more subtle, and it is probably already happening to you. (Yes, you!)

Here is exactly how you can recognize messages from your loved ones on the other side:


A “visitation” occurs when a deceased loved one’s soul visits you in a dream. People are much more receptive to spiritual messages while they are dreaming. Departed loved ones can view dream-time as an opportunity to get across messages to you.


How do you know it is a sign?: You’ll know it is a visitation if the dream features a deceased loved one and feels extremely emotional or real. After you wake up, you may be left with a lingering feeling that you actually talked to the person. The departed loved one also may have revealed a piece of information that you wouldn’t have a logical way of knowing otherwise. 



You may simply feel the person’s soul is around you. They may pop into your thoughts randomly, or you may simply just “know” they are there. Sometimes this feeling is accompanied by goosebumps, warmth, a breeze, or tingling sensations in your body.


How do you know it is a sign?: If you have a strong sense of knowing, you shouldn’t doubt it. If your loved one pops into your thoughts without you thinking about them first, their soul is dropping in to say "Hello!"


finding the same symbol in unexpected places

finding the same symbol in unexpected places

Objects, Symbols, & Shapes.

After someone passes away, you may notice specific objects, symbols, or shapes everywhere. Signs are not limited to typical things like feathers, hearts, birds, or pennies; they can also be something personally significant to you and the deceased person. For example, if your loved one had a four leaf clover tattoo and you start seeing four leaf clovers everywhere, that could be sign for you.

How do you know it is real? You’ll know it is a sign if you see the object continually or see it when you ask for a sign. Signs can also be validated when they happen even though it seems impossible under normal circumstances.



You may keep seeing important numbers, such as the deceased loved one’s birthday or an important anniversary. The numbers may appear on clocks, odometers, tickets, and basically, anywhere else you could find a series of numbers.


How do you know it is a sign?: You will know it is a sign if you keep seeing the same number, and the number represents an important date, time, or had a special significance to your deceased loved one.



Music can be a sign if you ask for a sign and turn on the radio, and the song on the radio just happens to be a special song you shared with a deceased person. If the song reminds you of that person, it can also be a sign from them.


How do you know it is a sign?

You will know it is a sign if the lyrics answer your prayers or relate to your life, if the song was a special song between you and your deceased loved one, or if it seems impossible for that particular song to be playing. For example, if you danced with your dad on your wedding day to an obscure song from the 1950s, the likelihood of that exact song playing when you turn on the radio is very unlikely. I’ve also experienced cell phones, radios, and TVs turning on mysteriously and playing special songs out of nowhere. 



Sometimes people you meet in your everyday life can bring you messages or be sent to you by your loved ones in spirit. It could be someone at the bus stop, a friendly helper, a friend, or even a soulmate. People follow nudges of inspiration, and sometimes that inspiration can be heaven sent. People may receive nudges from your deceased loved ones and subsequently enter your life.


How do you know it is a sign?:

If a person comes into your life at the perfect time by acting on their own inspiration. The person may not realize they were “heaven sent,” but if you ask them how they entered your life, they may say something like: “I just felt this unexplainable urge to talk to you, message you, or help you.” 


Learn How To Communicate With Your Loved Ones In Heaven:

If you’re still wondering about whether or not something is a sign, ask yourself the following questions: 


Was it likely?

Signs are often seemingly impossible or extraordinary. For example, someone’s watch stopping at their exact time of death or the radio playing an obscure song that answers your prayers. 


Was it specific?

Signs specifically relate to you and your loved one on the other side. For example, a specific date, song, object, or phrase.


Was it accompanied by a strong feeling?

Signs are usually accompanied by a strong feeling of knowing or a strong emotional reaction. For example, you may feel overwhelmed by your loved one’s presence or you may feel relieved. 


If you don’t feel like you’ve received signs, be patient and think more subtly. The signs aren’t always out-of-this-world extraordinary, they can be as simple as a light feeling of your loved one’s presence.


How to ask for a sign or talk to your loved ones in spirit: You don’t have to do anything special! Just talk out loud or in your mind. You can even write to them in a journal. Your thoughts, words, and feelings have a vibration that your departed loved ones can “hear.”


What is the #1 most overlooked sign?

In this video, I explain signs you are already receiving AND I talk about the #1 sign most people overlook.

In this video, I explain signs you are already receiving AND I talk about the #1 sign most people overlook.

If you are struggling with grief, you should seek out an appropriate licensed mental health professional to assist you.