What is Magic? It's Real.

Is magic real? 

Maybe you think magic does not exist. Perhaps you think it only happens in Disney movies or a child's imagination. I have to admit, I've always believed in magic. The ever-present reality of magic is a part of my life, and it is beautiful. By magic, I don't mean wiggling my nose like Samantha from Bewitched and moving objects across a room. 

What I mean by "magic" is a state of being.

Magic is a way of living and carrying yourself in the world.

Magic is whenever you are so "in the flow" of life, that everything works out for you in strange, unexpected ways. 

It's whenever manifestation, synchronicity, and premonition line up. 

Manifestation: the idea that your thoughts and feelings create your reality

Synchronicity: a meaningful coincidence, when physical reality lines-up with your inner musings in a meaningful way

Premonition: whenever you sense future events using your psychic senses

I used to think manifestation, synchronicity, and premonition were separate events. Now, I realize they all overlap, and when they do, that is magic.

Here is how to make your life magical:

1. Surrender to Divine will.

  • This means you give your concerns over to God. God is the great orchestrator of this reality. God underlies all of existence. When you surrender your will to God's will, you are choosing to go with the flow. "Not my will, but your will be done." You are surrendering to the Greatest Good -- and you may not know what that is -- it is beyond your knowing, which is why you surrender your will to God's. The more you surrender to God, the more magical your life will become.

2. Get INto AlignmenT.

  • After you have surrendered your will and have stopped forcing events in your life to happen as you see fit, you can get into alignment. Alignment means you are in a state of gratitude, bliss, and complete trust. Even when your life has gone to crap, you can access this inner-knowing at your core. God is within you. That inner-knowing is a spark of the Divine. Some people call this their "I AM presence." To get there: Begin to be grateful for what is happening in your life. Notice the good. Meditate in silence.

3. Pay attention to your intuitive insights.

  • Notice the intuitive insights you are receiving. Any intuitive nudges, visions, or words that pop into your mind are important indicators of Divine will. When you are in alignment with Divine will, these insights are way-showers. They are clues to get you on-track. Watch as they manifest in reality.

4. Notice details in the real world.

  • The intuitive insights may manifest in the real-world. When they do, it validates that you are on the right track. When manifestation happens, you realize everything IS connected. Synchronicities occur when reality seems to line-up and respond to your internal musings. I've had amazing synchronicities that have guided me to make positive decisions and gain new insights. All you have to do is follow the steps above, and begin to notice your surroundings. 

5. Act confidently in faith.

  • Know that you know. Nobody else knows for you. I recently did a meditation where I was guided to use the words "I KNOW" as a mantra. When you are confident, you do not need other people to guide you. You just need to trust your connection to the Divine. Keeping with the Disney theme I mentioned earlier (Sorry, I can't resist!), Pocahontas is a great metaphor for acting in faith.  There was a compass that directed Pocahontas to her destiny.  The compass represents the inner-knowing and alignment with Divine will. Nobody around her understood her choices, but she followed the signs, and followed that compass anyway. She acted confidently. 

That's exactly what you have to do: Surrender, Align, Notice, and Act in Faith. 

"Listen with your heart, you will understand." - Grandmother Willow

(you can't get more legit than Grandmother Willow, guys)

Now, go forward and watch real-life magic happen.

Happy Sunday!

- Danyelle