How to Feel Your Fate: Destiny and Psychic Readings

I journal almost every morning to write down my dreams and set intentions for the day. Sometimes, I ask God, my spirit guides, and angels specific questions. This morning, I sat with my notebook and pen, and I asked a big question-- I asked about destiny. 

The answers I received were helpful. I know they will help me serve as a better intuitive.

These are the answers I received:

There are a few ways that information comes to me in a psychic reading. One way is through my "feeling" sense. The feeling sense happens whenever you feel out a future path based on the emotional energy you sense at the present time. The feeling sense is unreliable since emotions fluctuate and do not always honor the highest and best good. They are not attuned to destiny. A reading based on only the feeling sense will not be as accurate.

The most reliable sense is the "knowing" sense. The knowing sense feels like something which you are sure of, but have no logical way of knowing otherwise. The knowing sense often defies logic. You won't know how you know, you just do. It feels like a magnet in your gut pulling you home.

The knowing sense is aligned with destiny. In psychic readings, some future events will feel certain, while others will feel like they could go a few different ways.

This morning, I realized that we must face these "certain" events. I'm going to call them junctures

Junctures are sticking points in your life path - they don't change or shift. They are the time and place where all paths converge to one. Think of them like bullet points on a map where all paths meet. They occur when the universe lines up to give you a necessary experience. These junctures are not always positive on the surface. They can be painful as you are facing them, but in the end, they do lead to the highest and best good. 

These junctures are revealed with the knowing sense. They are felt in your solar plexus chakra, in your gut. They always end with a positive outcome from a universal perspective; one that reunites you with the infinite love of God. Life is often chaotic, so settle in and trust your gut. You can drop into your knowing whenever life throws you into a loop. 

Love and Light,