What It Means to be a "Psychic"

Psychic is kind of a dirty word. The term conjures up images of neon fortune-telling signs, Miss Cleo, and for the self-procalimed skeptic types, maybe James Randi and his Million Dollar Challenge (which doesn't exist anymore, by the way). For these reasons, deciding to call yourself a "psychic" feels sleazy.

I have a good, normal job and am college educated. I do not think I am especially gifted and I as far as I know, I'm not delusional. In fact, I side with the skeptics more than most people in this field.

So why would I label myself as a psychic?

The word has negative connotations, but people have a basic understanding of what it means. What it means to me though, does not fully align with the generally understood definition. It means so much more.

psychic: relating to the soul or mind

Being psychic means you are so attuned to pain, you recognize it in others instantly -- without words being exchanged. You can identify the source of the pain (without asking or talking).  Maybe the person was dumped, is afraid, or suffers from low self-esteem. Whatever it is, you can't explain how you know, you just know. You know that type of person because that person is you, and you are that person. There is no separation. 

In addition to feeling their emotions, when you look them, words and visions surface in your mind. It feels like you are dreaming a dream that doesn't belong to you.  It's your job to discern what the foreign "dream" means. 

It isn't a party trick or a game; it is spiritual and sacred. It is reading the language of the soul -- a language of symbols and feelings. This work is not much different than looking at a piece of art, interpreting a dream, or listening to music. It's all felt with the heart, and that is real. 

So, to be psychic means to know pain, and to be able to interpret the language of the soul. This language is universal, and an integral part of being human. Tools are not necessary for this work. It can be done without seeing the person first, without knowing their name, and without knowing anything else about them.

But it isn't glamorous, easy, or cutesy. It's hard. Because you have to go through your own darkness and find the light in order to be any sort of a wayshower. You will never be able to help anyone if you cannot help yourself.