New Year's Intuition Challenge!

Right now is the perfect time to challenge yourself. I don't mean lifting weights, giving up gluten, or doing a juice fast. The challenge I'm talking about is much simpler. I'm challenging you to listen to your intuition a little more closely for a few days.

Intuition is your connection to your soul and to the Divine [aka God, the Universe, or whatever name you feel comfortable using]. It is a compass directing you toward happiness, growth, love, healing, and fulfillment.

All you have to do to reconnect with your intuition is incorporate these  steps over the next five days:


Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. You don’t need to write down the whole dream, just jot down key words. Make sure you write them down immediately upon waking, or else you may forget them.

Recording your dreams is important because dreams are unfiltered messages from the subconscious mind. Honor the messages they carry, and you will receive more intuitive messages in your waking state. Dreams can also inspire creative projects, positive life changes, and help you confront your fears.


Technology is great, but it can lead to scattered thinking. These days, people are always multitasking. Instead of living that way, unplug for at least 1 hour a day over the next five days. Turn the phone and computer off. Instead of using them, practice observing your surroundings and being present. In order to hear the subtle voice of intuition, you have to be able to be present. You have to be listening.


Carry a journal with you. Write down random feelings, thoughts, songs, ideas, people, or places that pop into your head. You will be surprised by how many of these "random" thoughts manifest in your life. They may come into reality later in the day, week, or even within seconds. People are used to disregarding random thoughts, so they don’t notice how frequently they’re actually predicting the future. This is how intuition functions -- it is subtle and can be easy to ignore –- so start paying attention. Keep a little record and review it to see what came true.

These exercises are a fun way to begin hearing your intuition. Your intuition can shed light on important questions. It can also provide much-needed direction for you this year. Make 2018 great!

 Let me know what happens!