Where Angels Reside

Angels don't reside in some far off place. They already walk beside you. They guide you, protect you, and wipe away sorrow. They're aspects of the Divine Creator that loved people so much they chose to remain close to them.

Sorrow is a part of life. It is the inescapable reality of the human experience, but you don't bear it alone. You have angels around you to help you transcend your suffering. 

Their presence is gentle and never intrusive. Their love is eternal. 

All angels are the middle men between humans and the Divine. They resurrect hope and inspire people to reach their highest potential. 

You can feel them the most during quiet moments, especially when you feel alone. You may feel a physical tingling down your spine or inexplicable warmth. Or, you just may not feel like you're so alone. Their presence is mysterious and always comforting. During your darkest moments, they will help you find the light of God. When you're worried, they'll help you find peace. Even if you're joyful, they'll be there to gently guide you and protect you.