Growing Dreams In Secret, Sacred Silence

Silence, the precious in-between.  In life we have bouts of action, but it is the silence that can ultimately define what we do in those periods of action. The silence is where we decide what we are going to do next.  It is that safe place where we can plant our dreams, analyze our feelings, meditate.  It should be sacred, untouched territory, but sometimes it becomes colored with the expectations of the rest of the world.

The rest of the world has norms, expectations, opinions, and fears.  All of those expectations, and fear-based opinions carry a distinctive energy that can hinder our dreams and damper our passions. So how can a person reclaim their silence?

As a child, you probably had a secret hiding place or a place that made you feel safe.  As an adult, your silence is your secret hiding place.

This is a meditation intended to help reclaim silence, and to help strengthen dreams.

Enter your silence

Go to that place within your mind that is sacred and untouched by the rest of the world,

Plant your Dreams

Imagine that your dreams are seeds that need to be planted and nurtured.  Each dream can be a tree, a flower, whatever you would like. Visualize a lush garden with nutritious soil where you can safely plant your dreams.

Keep Your Dreams a Secret

Don’t bother to tell anyone what you are doing. Simply, go to that place in your mind and check on the garden of dreams.  Water it, nurture it, and tend to it.  Imagine the dreams growing into beautiful plants, full of health and vitality.

Gaining Confidence in Your Dreams

Work with this visualization until you feel confident enough in your dreams to make them a reality.  Sharing your dreams before you are confident in them is exactly the same as uncovering a seed before it has sprouted.


After you have gained confidence in your aspirations, go out into the world and act on them.