Morning Ritual

One hour every morning is mine. I relax, drink a cup of coffee, read, and write. Occasionally, I will listen to a podcast or two. I turn off my phone and get rid of distractions. No Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Only imagination and reflection are allowed. I have the best ideas in the morning, so mornings are reserved for thinking and creating.

This morning, I was thinking about how important it is to have a morning ritual of some kind. Whether it is two minutes or a whole hour, your morning sets the mood for your entire day. In those moments after waking, you are renewed and able to choose your path. What kind of day will it be? 

Are you going to jump right into checking your email? (which will immediately put you into fight-or-flight mode).

Or, are you going to relax and listen to an uplifting song? Write a journal entry? Watch the sunrise? Catch up on an audiobook during your commute?

Whatever you choose, these little choices are integral to your success. As you begin your day, be selfish. Take those five minutes -- or a whole hour -- and have a morning ritual. 

A few months ago I started my "morning ritual" and I have noticed dramatic improvements in my mindset. Ultimately, those mental improvements are translating to improvements in my life.

So, can a few minutes every morning make a difference in your life?