You maybe feeling especially lost. You may feel separate from your goals, your loved ones on the other side, or a sense of meaning. I understand because I have felt exactly the same way.

Please know that within you, you already have the answers you are seeking. 

Using intuition is as natural as breathing. Your intuition is your connection to your soul, which is infinitely wise. This connection is sacred and personal, so everyone has a unique way of experiencing it. When you learn your intuition’s unique language, you can receive guidance on any issue in the world directly from your soul.

Using your intuition can heal you, protect you, guide you, and put life into perspective. Without it, we’re all just treading water, but with it, we’re floating through life with ease.

Psychic Readings are a wonderful way to validate your own connection and the signs you're receiving. 

But, my core intention is to encourage your own intuitive development. Think of psychic readings like a second opinion. When you’re fully connected to your soul, you won’t need second opinions, divination tools like cards or pendulums, or crystals. You won’t even need a journal.

Authentic spirituality doesn’t require anything but you.

If you want to develop your intuition further or are in need of some clairity, I would be honored to guide you.

With love,

-Danyelle Simone